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Masked for lower color
At long last body and paint are complete and the car will be going back to the restoration shop for build out. Scott Winfield and his team at The Paint Shop in Winston-Salem did a fantastic job on the rust bucket I brought them. The photos don't show it well, but the lower color is a very light gray metallic. You'll have to trust me that it looks great.

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20170918 132355
A friend recently send me a link to an ad posted by a fellow enthusiast liquidating his supply of British car parts. The add just had a bonnet and original hardtop but it turned out he had a lot more available. The seller lives about six hours away from us but we were going to be only 45 minutes away from him on another trip. We left early, stopped by to see what we could find, and made it to our main objective in plenty of time. What did we pick up you ask? Well let me tell you: - Original hardtop. It has no glass and the seals need replacing but the fibreglass is in pretty good shape.....

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Cruising down Rainy Creek Rd
I finally got Orson back on the road this weekend! Had some help from my Dad bleeding the brakes and dealing with some small coolant leaks. I have started restoring a spare heater valve I picked up from a parts car. Mine has been screwed around with by the PO and it has started to leak so it will be nice to get it replaced for the cooler weather. I am waiting on yet another parts order so that I can move on with the 1275. I don't think I'll be dropping it in the car before the snow starts falling, but you never know!

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Okay. After a year or more, frankly I don't want to think about it, I'm ready to start in on the Beast. I think. I've moved, competed for Team USA in the Deaflympics and fixed my R6 so I can ride her again. The only thing really standing in my way is my 'new' garage which has two holes in the roof and a wall that needs to be replaced. I think it's time to start. My mental block is the dual master/clutch cylinder. I've got the kit of pipe from Moss or Engle but I'm not really sure about what happens on the clutch side. There's got to be a hose or something, right? These are hydraul...


So, in 1967 a sailor buddy told me he was going to buy an Austin Healey 3000 MKIII. When he showed me the pictures, I fell in love. This was the most beautiful, sexy, automobile, i had ever seen. Here it is, 2017, and I still do not have the 1967, MKIII but I still dream. I am now retired and 90,000 dollars is so far out of reach that i still just dream. Going to the British Car Festival September 10 so I can just touch one!! Perhaps I can make friends with someone who has one!!


Voltage regulator connections
19MAR17 We dug into a problem that has been plauging us for awhile today, the generator. Our generator has never worked as it should. We get a howling from the engine compartment at times and a "dry bearing" sound at others. In addition, we are constantly hooking the battery tender to the car when not in use because the generator and voltage regulator are not keeping the battery charged. After some research on the Moss Motors website and others, we tried polarizing the generator and cleaning the regulator while still installed. Additionally we checked/cleaned all of the wire connecti...


7 connections on the back
19MAR17 Although we were able to get the tachometer working previously, we decided to remove it from the dash to clean it and check/clean the electrical connections. We made sure to take several pictures of the back side of the tach before pulling it to ensure we could get the wires back on correctly. Immediately upon removing the tach, we used the pictures to label the back side of the tach with a Sharpie for each of the wire colors. There were 7 connections: 1. White male 2. White female 3. 2 wire green 4. 2 wire green/red stripe and black 5. Red/white stripe (light) 6. Green...


IMG 1135
I got a few more things sandblasted and painted for the BE (fan and pulley) On a less productive note, while I was messing around with the distributor drive I discovered that the new con-rod bolts foul on the camshaft. Next time I'm out at the shop I'll have to remedy that one *sigh. Switched over the the MGB for a bit as it was leaking fluid on the ps rear cylinder. Turns out it's a big mess of muck everywhere so new shoes are in order. Oh well, with all the smoke hanging in the air at the moment from a storm that rolled in I probably wouldn't want to be driving with the top down anyway (that...


I spent some time going through my distributor last weekend. Replaced points, condenser, LT lead, rotor, vacuum unit, and o-ring. Cleaned up the body and lubricated everything. Just waiting for a new cap and leads to arrive. Today I decided to change it up a bit and started tearing apart some old door pockets I picked up in preparation for making new ones.


We live in the country so it gets dirty before we
The mechanical issues seem to be up and running. We have made three short drives now, working out the bugs after each drive. Ultimately I will tackle the body issues. The car was made the year my wife was born, thus, the user name.


The bracket that holds the emergency brake was bent enough that I had to get a new one in order to adjust the brake. The rear drum brakes were one of the first items I ordered, along with the front disc brake setup. These came from a shop in Colorado and the cylinders were rubbing on the back of the lug studs. It was a terrible fit on both wheels. I finally used an angle grinder to bevel off the lugs so there was enough clearance. Finally, the drums had to be ground down as they were aggressively grinding on the new backing plates. I really wonder about the source for the parts from th...


Had a bit of time today so I got some work done on the Bugeye. It's now up on jack stands, wheels are off, fluids drained and radiator out. Next step will be to remove the engine, transmission, driveshaft and most likely the rear end then mount what's left on the rotisserie made from modified engine stands. Had a look at the underside and discovered that the car must have driven over a big rock or got high centered on something as there's a rather nasty gash right in the middle of the driveshaft tunnel. I looks fixable though. Thanks for your interest in our little project. Ian


IMG 1100
Today I got a few hours in on the engine. After fitting the timing gears I found that I'm still about 0.030 out of alignment. Sourcing shims and a new woodruff key locally proved unsuccessful so it's time to wait for yet another small AHspares order. I repainted the valve cover as I wasn't happy with the previous paint job and got the decals applied which was very satisfying. I also spent a bit of time masking off the gasket surfaces of the head and painting it. The timing cover is next on the list of things to paint. While waiting for parts I plan on finally getting my zinc plating set up goi...


The upper color is a very dark almost black meta
The upper color of the two-tone paint scheme has been applied. The chassis is in final prep for painting. After that has been applied, all the body panels will be reinstalled before applying the lower color. Scott and his team at The Paint Shop in Winston-Salem have done remarkable work dealing with all the rust-through and preparing the surfaces for the glass-like finish you see in the photos. I am looking forward to the car entering the reassembly phase when it goes back to the restoration shop. Ken


IMG 1089
Got a few more things converted from rusty to green. Looks like my last (for now) few bits from Moss are in the post box so I can finally get moving on timing gears, chain, etc. and get the head on!

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