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The upper color is a very dark almost black meta
The upper color of the two-tone paint scheme has been applied. The chassis is in final prep for painting. After that has been applied, all the body panels will be reinstalled before applying the lower color. Scott and his team at The Paint Shop in Winston-Salem have done remarkable work dealing with all the rust-through and preparing the surfaces for the glass-like finish you see in the photos. I am looking forward to the car entering the reassembly phase when it goes back to the restoration shop. Ken

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IMG 1089
Got a few more things converted from rusty to green. Looks like my last (for now) few bits from Moss are in the post box so I can finally get moving on timing gears, chain, etc. and get the head on!

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An event for Austin Healey Sprites and MG Midgets at Zandvoort 27-29 July 2018. Best follow the build up to this event @ https://www.facebook.com/groups/spridget.competitions/ Also visit the general race page @ https://www.facebook.com/legendarycircuits/ And visit the webiste @ http://legendary-circuits.eu/ And friend me @ https://www.facebook.com/pieterbakker51 All the best and see you soon !

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Adhesive cupboard liners to mask of gasket surface
Well today was much more successful than last time I was at the shop. I got my oil pump apart, cleaned it, checked clearances, packed it, and installed it. I found that my cam was travelling too far back without the pump installed and binding up so that was a relief! My shiny new ID plate arrived in the mail today, got it on the block and it looks fantastic! I also received a new timing cover (old one was bashed to hell on the breather pipe) and a new rocker cover. I'm looking forward to getting those both painted up. Especially the rocker cover, to me that's the cherry on top of an engine. ...


IMG 8153
more photos


IMG 8080
Has laid-off the project for more than 6 months due to a frozen shoulder and some personal matters that need attending to.... The chassis frame is almost completed....!!!


20170706 165701
The chassis, body, fenders etc are back from the cleaning. Steel repair can start. This drastic removal of paint and rust has shown some rust effected area's I had missed. Centre X frame has to be replaced as do the left and right hand floor. Bootfloor has to be replaced and some old repairs that needs attention.


picked my new Austin Healey 3000 at London downtown BMC July 1965. Drove it in Europe or the summer. Had it shipped back to Chicago and was my primary car through graduate school. Has been the ho piece in my garages since then. Recently ( make drive able ) and falling in love with it again.


Block Before After
I've been chipping away at the engine every chance I get out to the farm. Got the block painted a while back and eventually got in onto the engine stand. So far I have crank and pistons fitted. Piston rings gave me a bit of a hard time and it didn't help that it was way too hot over the Canada long weekend! I'm just waiting on another load of parts from BPNW before I get the cam and lifters in. Then it is back to painting again to get the front and rear plates tidy. I am still reveling the nice clean block. It is certainly a pleasure not getting covered in grease and muck every time I touch an...


After realizing I had a 948 exhaust manifold on my 1275 I wound I getting the proper 12G1581 manifold from a fellow forum member (thanks Lew!) It arrived today so I zipped out to my folks farm to get cleaned up. Some media blasting, wiring brushing, and a few coats of VHT and it's looking pretty damn tidy. Orson is laid up at the moment with some front suspension issues. I'm trying to trace an annoying speed wobble so I am really hoping this will solve things. I thought the $100 wheel balance would, oh well. Naturally the weather has been wonderful so I am counting the days until my Moss order...


20170605 145807
She is still looking good 5 years after restoring.


IMG 20170601 WA0000
Started 30-05-2017 with dis assembly. Car in pieces on the 1st June. Body of to be stripped of paint and bodycoating. Hope it will be back in 3 weeks


Looking a bit nasty
It feels like I'm finally getting somewhere with this little car, albeit slowly. All of the parts need to get the head and block out of the machine shop have been ordered and are en route. To give my wallet a rest I've started to focus on engine ancillaries. First off the starter motor. After a bench test confirmed it worked I breathed a sigh of relief. I really didn't want to spend more money on something boring like a starter and I am inclined to tidy up original parts where possible. I've just got a little more painting and cleaning today and then I can cross it off the list.


Dry fit of blower and duct
21MAR17 With the dash almost fully operational and the engine bay coming together, we shifted our attention to the heater blower and duct work. Before reinstalling the heater we took it to parade rest to get it cleaned. Then we painted it. While it was out of the car we also bench tested it to ensure the motor worked...it did. The dash switch for the blower was broken the day we purchased Tracy, but Moss motors provided a quick source for a new one. I'm not sure how it happened, but we actually ordered and received 2. This ended up being pretty important later on. After installing t...


7 connections on the back
19MAR17 Although we were able to get the tachometer working previously, we decided to remove it from the dash to clean it and check/clean the electrical connections. We made sure to take several pictures of the back side of the tach before pulling it to ensure we could get the wires back on correctly. Immediately upon removing the tach, we used the pictures to label the back side of the tach with a Sharpie for each of the wire colors. There were 7 connections: 1. White male 2. White female 3. 2 wire green 4. 2 wire green/red stripe and black 5. Red/white stripe (light) 6. Green...

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