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Just purchased a '67 Sprite...where do I begin?

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westfield7 Silver Member Michael Wooten
Greenville, SC, USA   USA
1983 Westfield Seven "Green Car"
Brian, I have a brand new set of Goodridge brake lines for a Sprite. I had hoped the front pair would work on my Westfield (Spridget calipers) but they're too short. When you get to the ordering parts section of your rolling restoration, let me know.


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AN5L8016 Avatar
AN5L8016 Mark Haynes
Nederland, Colorado, USA   USA
As to the windscreen, drive it as it is for now, Victoria British usually has a sale on them in the spring, I bought one for my BE with the rubbers for ~$150 this spring (They all had MO$$ numbers on them), then call your local hot rod shop and ask them where they get their glass done as most glass shops won't install glass if they haven't sourced it, and most have NO idea where to source Sprite windscreens. I got mine installed for $60 by using this method, I'd been driving with a set of cracks for 9 years.

'58 Bugeye
'66 'Stang

shalleck Avatar
shalleck Gold Member Steve H
Indianapolis, IN, USA   USA
Brian, Come out to the IBCU British car show at Zionsville park on Aug 12th. There should be lots local Sprites and Midgets and their owners there. You can make contacts and get advice.
The local Austin Healey club can be helpful with tech sessions to help out.

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earthur44 Eric Miller
Redmond-Bend, OR, USA   USA
if your engine has 12cc to start you have a treasure ...

hoosiersprite Brian Young
Westfield, Indiana (IN), USA   USA
My VIN # is HAN9L0380...not sure if this helps in determining engine size. Also found stamp inside door with the following: ABL 060605.

earthur44 Eric Miller
Redmond-Bend, OR, USA   USA
not the body but a plate on engine at the front passengers side near the top... hard to miss

Perambulator David D
Phoenix, Arizona, USA   USA
You say "restoration" but I think what you mean is " I want to drive this around, what should I do to it to make it reliable?"

What is the budget? Money seems to matter to you and a true "restoration" requires a large amount of fiscal irresponsibility. ie its easy to dump $20k into a Midget if you want to make it new. It will be worth $10k when you are done!

Nothing makes a Midget more fun to drive that a complete front and rear suspension overhaul. It will transform the car and driving is the rasion d'etre for a Midget. Of course, it will also eat a $2000 hole in your wallet, so this advice wont apply to everyone.

On a less all inclusive budget, inspect the brakes and the front suspension kingpins and bushings. Midgets have very quick reactions, but become darty when the suspension is worn. Replace what is worn and note the condition of everything else. Drive it a lot and replace what breaks until the car stops breaking.

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