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Crank Pulley - 1275

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sdurrett Steve D
Billings, MT, USA   USA
I can't figure out how to loosen the crank pulley on my 1275 now that it is out of the car and on a stand. Probably a simple solution but I can't seem to come up with a way to stop the crank from turning while I'm trying to loosen the nut. If I take the clutch off first, is there something to put a wrench on under there?

Thanks for your help.

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refisk Avatar
refisk Rick Fisk
Frankenmuth, MI, USA   USA
An impact wrench will get it loose.

Jim Gruber Avatar
Dayton, OH, USA   USA
And if you don’t have a compressor and impact wrench that Electric Impact Wrench that you can find on sale for $39.95 will usually work. And if still issues a rope fed carefully into a spark plug hole, both valves need to be closed or you can bend one, will anchor everything so you can get the big but off.

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Perdido Avatar
Perdido Gold Member Rut Rutledge
Tuscaloosa, AL, USA   USA
I like to use a flywheel lock bolted into the back plate engaging the ring gear.

hpmowog Avatar
hpmowog Karl Keiger
Remove the clutch and flywheel. Then thread two of the flywheel bolts back into the crank flange. Use a pry bar or large screwdriver between the two bolts to prevent the crank from rotating as you loosen the crank pulley.

garm Avatar
garm Gold Member Garm Beall
Chatsworth, CA, USA   USA
I've had trouble with impact tools when the compressor wasn't strong enough. I think that crank pulley nut/bolt can be one of the hardest on the car to get off.

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kevrew Kevin Williamson
Phoenix, AZ, USA   USA
I tried an impact on my 1098 and it didn't have enough oomph to break it loose, so I took a piece of 1/8 x 1 inch flat bar and drilled it to bolt to 2 of the opposing holes on the rear crank flange. I cut it long enough to rest against one of the engine stand mounting bolts and using a breaker bar, broke the bolt loose. You can see the flat bar mounted to the rear flange, if you look close enough. Good luck!

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DSCN0766.JPG    52.8 KB

sdurrett Steve D
Billings, MT, USA   USA
Thanks for all the suggestions. Lots of knowledge on this site. I especially liked the rope trick, but since I already have the head off, I couldn't use it. And I don't have an impact socket that large, so I didn't try that either.

I ended up using a variation of the bar idea. After removing the clutch, I bolted a piece of 3/4" angle that I had around the shop onto the flywheel and braced it against the floor. Worked like a charm. It also came in handy when loosening the flywheel bolts, and the camshaft sprocket.

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