Registry: 1965 Austin-Healey 3000 BJ8

Unknown Owner's 1965 Austin-Healey 3000 BJ8
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Vehicle Information

Owner: Unknown Owner   [nobody]
Location: Not Set
Status: Running

Model Year:1965
Current Colour:Golden Beige
Odometer:164,400 miles
Last Updated:2017-11-16 20:08:19

Currently there is no owner set for this vehicle. If you own this vehicle and would like to claim ownership, please send an email to the webmaster - make sure to include the VIN or a link to this page, and details about when you came into ownership of the vehicle for confirmation.


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Member Comments on Registry: 1965 Austin-Healey 3000 BJ8   ↵
2017-07-28 08:02:36 # 43850
Comment by George Bernesser
An amazing Healey.This was the exact color of the car that I fell in love with as a kid. I was told by my father that he had it checked and that it must have been in in an accident because they do make that car in this color. That, and the old, "can't get parts for it" argument back in the mid '70's. It wouldn't have mattered though, I was a bit rough on my first few cars and would have wrecked it anyway.Well, I backed out of buying her but it was the car that set me off on a lifetime of love sports cars not American muscle. Now that I am searching for my weekend cruiser, I naturally have started with my first love, the Austin Healey.To bad this is a little above what I want to spend (as most decent AH's are). Started looking at the "poor man's" Healey, the MGA.Not what I dreamed of but it will certainly scratch the itch.Good luck with the sale. She deserves a good home.
2017-07-29 14:28:17 # 43879
Comment by Patrick Yoas
The color is Mettalic Golden Beige and was introduced late 1967 3000's. It's now a popular color and earlier BJ8's have been repainted that color. Doesn't mean that it was in an accident.
2017-07-30 20:42:54 # 43923
Comment by George Bernesser
Yes, I discovered that later. I should have finished my tale properly.After many years still thinking about the gold Healey, I wandered into a library and found a book on Austin Healeys. In that book I read that it was indeed a AH color and was a relatively rare.Seeing this beauty sent me back a few years and to reminisce about the car that set me on the road to"foreign" sport cars.Now, if I could convince my wife to let me squeeze out a few extra grand, I could make a viable offer.Who knows?
2017-08-05 11:43:21 # 44025
Comment by Steve Byers
The first two Metallic Golden Beige cars were built 14 - 15 Jul 1965 (32552) and 4 Oct - 23 Nov 66 (38374). The rest were built in 1967. Cars with Metallic Golden Beige paint were 3% of BJ8 production. It is currently the only color for which total production number is known, but the BJ8 Registry is building and maintaining a spreadsheet of numbers of cars of each production color that were produced, based on BMIHT data and visual evidence. BRG is so far ahead (944), followed by Healey Blue (792), Colorado Red (602), Metallic Golden Beige (553), etc. This spreadsheet has original colors documented for almost 23% of total production. Owners with a BMIHT certificate can support this effort by providing the original color of their BJ8 to sbyers@ec.rr.com
2017-10-25 07:32:15 # 45406
Comment by Bob L
The car has been sold

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Vehicle History

This vehicle's information was last updated on 2017-11-16 20:08:19

Changes from 2017-07-16 14:24:23 to previous 2014-06-22 08:15:42
Mileage 154,000 → 164,400

Ownership History

Date Owner ID Notes
Nov 16, 2017 nobody Owner Transfer
Jun 22, 2014 Bob L  USA Added to Registry (ID 25274)

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1963 Austin Healey 3000

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