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New guy with a 100-4 windshield question

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ccrunner Dean Williams
Bakersfield, CA, USA   USA
Hi guys.. First post as I'm seeking guidance from you experts on the infamous 'lay-down' AH windshield..

A little back story is needed as I don't even own an AH(!)... I am dealing with a LBC though; I'm building a pair of late 50's Berkeleys.. Here's a link to the 1st build if you're interested....

I'm here seeking info on that beautiful lay-down windshield because I think it would really set my Berkeley off if I'm able to fab it onto my tiny Berk body.. In no way is it a bolt on, I know, but I think I could morph it into what I need to do the job elegantly, but I'm having issues sourcing the needed bits.. (I'm actually just researching this at this point to find out if it's even feasible to pursue..)

So the question is: Is it possible to source the windshield A-pillars and bases? I know I can still source the chrome 'feet'/anchors for when you lay the windscreen flat, and I can almost fab up the other little needed bits to make this work, but it's those pillars themselves that are maybe tough to find? Not so hard to find? Unobtanium?

I appreciate your thoughts-



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petnatcar Avatar
petnatcar Silver Member Peter Carbone
Watertown, NY, USA   USA
I got a usable windshield frame and uprights for my BT7 from the AUTOFARM in Ontario, Canada.
Any British junkyard ought to have something like that laying around.
Maybe an MG or Triumph frame would work too.

Tooling one out of LEXAN is not out of the equation if the glass is relatively flat.

Check out this windscreen for a Healey Hundred:

Good luck,

3000 w:Plexiglass.jpg    61.9 KB
3000 w:Plexiglass.jpg

filospinato Avatar
filospinato Jake Voelckers
Manassas, VA, USA   USA
Can you post a diagram of the exact parts you're looking for? I have some windscreen parts, might be able to help.

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gossie Avatar
gossie Howard Gostelow
Queensland, Gold Coast, Australia   AUS
Perhaps just aero screens might do, or as I did on my 100/4 used Lexan for a narrow 100/S type screen, that worked well on it.
I did have the normal screen that folded as well as aero screens that attached via the demister slots.

43161167_10156063578149480_3655129666974384128_n.jpg    7.5 KB

Dave2526 Dave Deamer
Seal Beach, CA, USA   USA
Good to talk with you at the Hagerty breakfast. I've sourced a lot of parts from AHSpares in the UK; might also try AHead4Healeys and Martin Jansen at Jule Frames. Ebay and Google are also fruitful.

Shamrock Avatar
Shamrock Scott Drewa
Oak Creek, WI, USA   USA
Looking for the windshield for a 100-4 is a tough one, there as rare as... well...the cars are and very coveted. I don't believe anyone is making aftermarket parts to put a full windshield together. The good news is if you do find one they are very easy to adapt to another car . The windshield is held in place by 2 side rails mounted by the fenders. There is one solid frame around the glass with pivot points on each side for the windshield to tilt. Cut the frame in half, reweld it to size , cut the glass and done. Good luck.

Michael S Avatar
Michael S Michael Salter
Dwight, ON, Canada   CAN
I have several sets of the side pillar assemblies.
PM me.


Michael Salter
Technical Chairman (Big Healeys)
Austin Healey Concours Committee

ccrunner Dean Williams
Bakersfield, CA, USA   USA
Thanks for the quick feedback guys (it was nice meeting you and your wife Dave at the Petersen yesterday)...

As suggested by Jake, I will post up a diagram of the bits I’m seeking.. (I need to get to a better computer to do that)

thanks again guys- super helpful!


ccrunner Dean Williams
Bakersfield, CA, USA   USA
It's a bit crude, but here's what I'm thinking I need, at least to get started..


ah ws bits.jpg    70.8 KB
ah ws bits.jpg

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