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Toyota transmission problem

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Michael Oritt Avatar
Sixteen years and about 50,000 miles ago I purchased a conversion kit and a rebuilt Toyota five-speed transmission from Smith (Smitty) Brodie after second gear in my original three-speed box broke while I was travelling in CA following Conclave 2002 in Tahoe. Smitty gave me the use of his shop, lift, tools and lots of help and along with a couple of local Healey guys whose names have escaped me we installed the new transmission and I was able to drive back home to Maryland with no issues.

Last week I took the car for a long ride and on the way home I began to experience some difficulty getting the car into fourth gear, especially on upshifts, and though I was able to get into gear there was a "crunch" on engagement and often the stick would pop out of gear. During another long ride yesterday things went further south and I was totally unable to get into fourth, plus there seemed to be some resistance when upshifting into third.

I did a bit of googling and found several posts where people had similar issues and merely by changing their gearbox oil the problems went away. Hoping against hope this morning I drained the Redline MT90 which has been in the car for about a year (no metal bits, etc) and refilled with fresh. Unfortunately nothing changed and I was still unable to get into fourth, either going up or down through the gears and despite my rev-matching or double-clutching.

I've gotten a lot of good use of the gearbox and clutch and I'm certainly not complaining. Plus I am fortunate to have a local mechanic who has worked on many manual boxes of all kinds, so I'm not afraid to remove the transmission and give it to him for a rebuild. However before I simply pull the unit out I wonder if there are any detent balls/springs or the like under the top cover or whatever that might have come loose, etc. and are causing the problem. I know there are a lot of us with Smitty's conversions and if anyone has any thoughts I would appreciate input.

Best--Michael Oritt
1954 Austin-Healey 100 (street)
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PatrickBJ8 Patrick Yoas
Holly Lake Ranch, TX, USA   USA
The detents are accessible from the exterior of the transmission. I think a torqx #40 does it for a tool.

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