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saw101 Sumner White
Athens, AL, USA   USA
I have two questions that I need answers for from some of you more experienced members.
The first is a clutch problem. There is very little clutch peddle. When you are trying to crank the car it is trying to move forward. If you crank it out of gear when it is running it is very difficult to put it into gear. The gears grind. Does this seem like a new clutch is in order is there something else that needs attention. Thanks in advance for any help.

The second question is regarding the body. On each side underneath the door it appears to have new metal installed. But it is slightly recessed from the front fender to the rear quarter panel. Both sides are this way. I could not tell by looking at the catalog if there was something that went over that piece. I'm not sure what needs to be done.
Bud W

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petnatcar Avatar
petnatcar Silver Member Peter Carbone
Watertown, NY, USA   USA
Hi Bud,

Always post photos with your questions whenever possible. Thanks.

It sounds like a new clutch is in order.
How old is the one that's in there now?

This means the Pressure Plate, Clutch Disk and Release Bearing should all be replaced at the same time.

Plan on resurfacing the Pressure Plate and have it lightened 25% while it's out of the car.

Photos will help make a more educated guess as to what is going on with the body work.

Do the rocker panels, doors and fenders line up like my car?

Mine aren't perfect but they're close.

Good luck,

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San Jose, CA, USA   USA
Try bleeding your clutch system before you yank the gearbox out. Yeah, it's probably a shot clutch, but you should bleed anyway.

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petnatcar Avatar
petnatcar Silver Member Peter Carbone
Watertown, NY, USA   USA
And check the Master Cylinder for leaks too.

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Jack T Avatar
Greensburg, PA, USA   USA
If you have very little travel of your clutch pedal, first check that the hydraulic system is in order.

rusty1c Avatar
rusty1c Peter D
Antioch, CA, USA   USA
1961 Austin-Healey 3000 BT7 "RUBY"
1963 Chevrolet C10 "Rusty"
First, make sure your clutch and brake fluid reservoir are full. If the level is low there won't be enough fluid present to allow the master to move enough fluid to fully actuate the slave cylinder. Thus it won't achieve it's full travel and the clutch won't disengage. Also, If you have any "AIR" in the system the slave cylinder won't achieve it's full travel thus not disengaging the clutch all the way and you will need to bleed the system of any trapped air.

Second, look under the dash at the rubber boot on the master cylinder where the clutch actuating rod goes through it. The rubber piece should be dry. If not replace or rebuild the master cylinder.

Third, check for the same situation at the clutch slave cylinder. If it is wet replace or rebuild it.

Fourth check the condition of the flexible hose going to the slave cylinder. Have someone press the clutch pedal all the way to the floor while you observe the flexible hose. If the hose is old and failing it can sometimes swell when the clutch pedal is depressed. If this is happening then all the fluid needed to actuate the clutch slave cylinder is not getting to the slave cylinder. Replace the hose.

Fifth, If all the issues above are corrected , no leaks and no air then the only thing left is to replace the clutch. Remember always start with the "SIMPLE THINGS FIRST". I would hate to see you waste your time and money doing a clutch replacement when it could be something as simple as a master cylinder, slave cylinder, low fluid level or a bad hose.

Any of the above problems will cause the symptoms that you are describing to a "T".


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