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Colour affects value , sales hype?

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Pilgrim69 Paul H
Esentepe, Esentepe, Cyprus   CYP
As I am about to chose exterior paint colour for my 100/6 , I already intend applying for heritage certificate because of disc brakes all round , it will also state original paint colour and depending if I like colour ,will decide whether to choose.
If I were to believe dealers internet advertising,I should choose original as it maximises value . One dealer selling a green car actually stated the car was originally bronze and would be worth considerably more if returned to original.
I actually like either blue / cream or red / cream so if original was say black I will devalue my car

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Randy Forbes Avatar
Parrish, FL, USA   USA
1957 Austin-Healey 100-Six
1999 BMW M Coupe "Blue Car"
1999 BMW M Roadster "Black Car"
2001 BMW M Roadster "Gray Car"
To generalize, the answer would be yes, but there are many factors involved in "value", not least of which is how much appeal your car has to the buyer! I suppose it is true that a car in original color(s) would appeal to a wider base of buyers, so that its perceived value is greater. However, a well known Healey restorer here in the US, Kurt Tanner, has changed the color on numerous Healeys, and they've all been sold__at auctions__for Big Bucks!

There are other reasons in favor of changing a car's color, as in my own case; in 1986 when I embarked on a total restoration, there were seven (7) Big Healeys in my immediate area (I worked on nearly all of them for their owners) and six (6) of those were either Ice Blue, or blue/white__the original colors of my BN6! In my opinion, we didn't need another blue/white Healey, so I chose a color that appealed to me.

Fortunately, even though (Porsche) Wine Red isn't a period BMC color, it is a rich, elegant and beautiful hue. In the 14-15 years since it's been painted, I have gotten MORE COMPLIMENTS on the paint color than ALL OTHER aspects of the car combined! When I do finally sell it__whenever that will be, as I've owned it over 40 years already__I expect that the buyer will be attracted to it because of its color, and the currency value (US Dollars, in my case) will be based on the physical condition of the car and its components, not originality. Full disclosure: there are numerous deviations from original specifications, all in the name of increased performance and drivability.

You decide...

A couple of shots from the Saturday before last (10/27/2018) when by popular vote (amongst show entrants) BN6L/942 was awarded 1st in 100/6 Category.

Pilgrim69 Paul H
Esentepe, Esentepe, Cyprus   CYP
Randy, stunning car , great colour love it.
Thanks for response interesting and agree with your sentiments
I know kurt , bought my 100/6 from him .
He is a real gentleman, speak very highly of him.

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Shamrock Avatar
Shamrock Scott Drewa
Oak Creek, WI, USA   USA
Like Randy said , your question is a broad one. 1 man's junk is another man's treasure . I have seen a 100-4 that was painted Red over black AND had a Chevy V8, It sold for around $100K. My suggestion would be paint it what ever you want , just make sure it's done well.

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