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Source of reasonably priced good used spares needed in Uk

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Pilgrim69 Paul H
Esentepe, Esentepe, Cyprus   CYP
My friend and I are slowly moving ahead with restoring my BN7 and his 3000
Brakes and steering completed , but buying new parts is stretching our budget , probably same problem for many of you .
Consequently has anyone found a source for good reasonably priced used parts in Uk , currently urgently need engine mounts and brackets , water pumps and pulleys. Maybe some in States but shipping costs a killer.

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sliproc Avatar
sliproc Kevin Quistberg E
Long Beach, CA, USA   USA
Sorry Paul, that ship sailed decades ago. The days of two or three junkyards within 30min each with a dozen or more Healeys sitting around waiting to provide good used replacement parts are long gone. The cars have just gotten to expensive. At some point those junkers were either crushed or dragged away and restored.

Pilgrim69 Paul H
Esentepe, Esentepe, Cyprus   CYP
Thanks , Yes I realise that as have tried no success.
But hoping there may be some Healey enthusiasts who still have the odd usable spare part as they may have changed their own . used parts for new when restoring rather than refurbish
Pigs may fly I know

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hb100 Mark E
Manchester, Lancs, UK   GBR
Hi Paul,

I've bought the odd part off fleabay at a reasonable price, but you've probably looked on there.
Best of luck.

cpcooper Craig Cooper
Chico, CA, USA   USA
Fleabay? Golly, I guess I just have low standards and enjoy rooting around swapping second rate parts with the rest of the slack jawed yokels who buy and sell on eBay. I’m on every morning and, during my Lotus 7/Caterham days, maintained a UK mail drop address as many UK sellers were wary of selling to Yanks. I purchase new and used items on eBay two or three times per week. When my shop becomes cluttered, I list items for sale and often toss extra things in the box if I think a buyer can use them. I’ve purchased at least four cars on eBay, and sold a like number.. Not to say one doesn’t need to exercise caution, but my experience has been overwhelmingly positive. I like the idea of passing along used parts to people who can use them.

Another excellent source of inexpensive parts is the buy-sell-trade section of this forum. Lots of restorers replace perfectly good used parts with new, and maybe don’t take the initiative to list the leftovers for sale, but may respond to a WTB ad. Finishing a restoration, who doesn’t have a number of good usable parts, plus new things that got ordered twice, or weren’t just right?

hb100 Mark E
Manchester, Lancs, UK   GBR
Hi Craig,
I'm not deriding Ebay in any way, hell, we bought our 100/6 from the States off it, along with various other bits and bobs. It's a great source, if a little scary at times: buying items unseen from over the pond.

Anyone selling some decent Weber manifolds?

I should say that we were ecstatic with the car when we finally got to look at her and have a poke around. Far better than expected. A big relief considering some story's you read.

layaj2 Andy Lay
Bisley, Surrey, UK   GBR
It's worth looking at the AH club site: where there's a small ads section which is mainly parts. You can also see parts for sale every month at the back of their rev counter magazine (this requires membership for access to both new copies and the archives)



Pilgrim69 Paul H
Esentepe, Esentepe, Cyprus   CYP
Cheers guys
Taken advice onboard

Pilgrim69 Paul H
Esentepe, Esentepe, Cyprus   CYP
Just been reading through posts again , couple of comments were really relevant to our project history , scary buying over the pond without seeing rings good and bad , bad first , 100/6 and 3000 purchased from well know US classic car dealer ,not cheap and disappointingly , chassis on 100/6 worse than description,had to be rebuilt and 3000 engine missing most components under rocker cover . Not blaming dealer as was probably unaware, they have offered discount if we buy again.
Secondly good experiences, First, because of need to replace missing engine components ,bought a replacement engine on eBay from Florida, was already crated and had it shipped to Cyprus, arrived complete ,but surprisingly the crate contained ,spare steering wheel , crankshaft, discs , water pump and pulley and Dynamo all good.
Second experience , because they was spare space in container with the healeys , friend bought a mga restoration project unseen from California dealer , good price , better than described , charged battery it started and we drove around the car park , didn’t trust 60 year brakes on road. It’s just about complete now pretty car.

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