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Jayhawk1959 Silver Member Doug Schimke
Basehor, KS, USA   USA
I am about ready to purchase new wheels/tires. I am going with 15-5 wheels..a 185/70r15..any thoughts on manufacturer? The sprint classics seem to be the best option, but I live in Kansas and the classics are not made for either much water or cold temperatures..opinions?

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petnatcar Avatar
petnatcar Silver Member Peter Carbone
Watertown, NY, USA   USA

I've had 195-65-R15 Bridgestone Potenza's on 72 spoke wheels for well over 20 years and
have replaced them a couple times during that period because I get such a secure feeling from them when I'm driving.

The model name changes from year to year but the performance remains and they look good in the wheel wells.

This set is RE960 AS Pole Position and they saved my ass a few times when I thought I was Mario Andretti.......whew!
Usually you realize these things when you're past the point of no return but these tires prevented me from going over the edge.

I also had them on a '88 Volvo 760 GLE and a '67Jaguar S-Type and they both handled extremely well.

Best in the dry and excellent in the wet.

Good luck,

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Randy Forbes Avatar
Parrish, FL, USA   USA
1957 Austin-Healey 100-Six
1999 BMW M Coupe "Blue Car"
1999 BMW M Roadster "Black Car"
2001 BMW M Roadster "Gray Car"
Might be too much of a boy-racer look for some, but I too am running 195/65s x 15 on a 6" rim. These tires happen to be by Sumitomo, and I should start looking for replacements, as they're not wearing out, but aging out (rubber never stops curing, it just keeps getting harder; harder = less grip...).

I went through several sets of the Bridgestone Pole Position SO3s on our BMW M Rdstrs__wife & I used to autocross a lot, plus numerous driver's schools__and will second how great of a choice they are! They are mind-blowing in the rain, and dry traction is even better winking smiley

I keep thinking about reverting to a 5" front wheel for a little less poke-out from the fender, but have a hard time justifying the expense. Ideally, someone would want to do the same 5" fr/6" rr setup, and I'd trade a pair of wheels with them (they'd buy 4 5x15" wheels__or 5 if you count the spare*) but so far, no takers. The trick would be to get the 5"s center-laced (I *think* Dayton does one...). But then last night, I was surfing around on the Borrani website; real trouble...!

Anyway, here's an example of the look; it's not for everyone:

More recent pictures (October 27, 2018) where it not only received plenty of compliments, it also took 1st Place in the 100/6 class!

* Had to do a matching spare!

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BobAH100 Bob Markovich
Patterson, NY, USA   USA
The Sprint classics look best overall, given their vintage sidewalk design. They’re also nice in the dry, though, with their vintage tread design, not great in the wet. But really whatever you put on will be vastly better than what these cars came with.

A suggestion: keep the size to 165/15, which won’t foul the front wheel wells. And resist the urge to go low profile, which just doesn’t look right. These are vintage cars after all ...

Jayhawk1959 Silver Member Doug Schimke
Basehor, KS, USA   USA
Thanks for all the help, gentlemen. I had trouble looking/finding some of the tires mentioned, therefore, I went with the sprint classics...185 all around with a 165 for the spare (for fitment). Thanks, again for all the help. Cheers,

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