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Tonneau pin in dash

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Pookiemir1 Rick Miron
North Bay, ON, Canada   CAN
I have a BN6 and redoing the dash pad...the pin seems inaccessible as it has a nut, my original wood dash had a hole in front of the mirror that is the same size as the tonneau pin yet when I put it back on, there is no hole to accommodate it? There is a smaller hole in the metal that is close to the front edge but not the size to accommodate the bolt/pin for the center of the dash to accommodate the tonneau tenax fastener which I will add to the tonneau later. Any ideas how that bolt/pin is installed and how you put on the bolt- short of removing the heater etc. Thanks

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Koudekerke, Zeeland, Netherlands   NLD
The Tenax studs are fixed to the play wood and not to the allu part of the dash.

Can not remember or this was with a combined washer/nut or a separate washer and nut.
But the washer did have 3 little points to avoid turning during installation.
See the attached photo of an original BJ8 dash.

DSC03924.JPG    39.4 KB

petnatcar Avatar
petnatcar Silver Member Peter Carbone
Watertown, NY, USA   USA
The nut for that stud is captive in the dash on my BT7.
I thought all the models were like that so they could absorb the constant pulling and luffting
of the tonneau cover and hold down the top of the dash.

I would put a fender washer under that piece of luan board to keep it from pulling through
and maybe another smaller washer on top under the head of the stud so you don't dig into the material
when you tighten it down.

You can get the fender washers in a variety of hole sizes and diameters at any ACE Hardware and
they offer a little more surface area coverage to prevent them from pulling through.

Good luck,

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OzBN6 Ron J
Yarrowyck, New South Wales, Australia   AUS
I have a BN6L which has been converted to RH drive.
The dash pad did not have a tonneau stud and when I pulled off the pad to redo it and fit a stud I found a threaded hole in the body metal on the RHS!
This was obviously where the original stud was and was the same thread as the stud I found in the original bits & pieces I got with the car.
I drilled a hole & tapped it on the LHS of the mirror where my stud needs to go.
A lot stronger than fitting it in the dash especially as mine had some sort of cardboard rather than ply.

Pookiemir1 Rick Miron
North Bay, ON, Canada   CAN
Thanks for the reply. I think I found the captive nut you spoke of but mine is a left hand drive and the way I located it is when I was trying the push the clip on underside of dash- and that is another scratch my head as there are three posts to take clips yet only one access as the vent metal that comes up is affixed to the shroud....I only put the one clip on and can't even move the black vent covers- so I assume that's good.

I was going to take your advice of putting washer under the pin, but spoke to an fella that has an original car- had14 thousand miles when he bought it in Phoenix Arizona and now has 24K....he said the top of his dash does not have a washer under the pin and when he looked underneath, did see the threaded pin but it had no nut whatsoever.
I did put the nut on. also forewent the washer on the under side as I thought that would create a raised point for the fairly flimsy veneer instead of using the dash metal as a base.
It worked great but required my pushing the face place back using a screwdriver- kinda scary as it tends warp the vinyl but it rebounded. It is nice and solid but now when I look up from under the dash, I can see the nut- if there was no nut, it would sit behind the dash but....there is no way to acess that nut from the backside even if you removed the heater as the nut is wider than the distance from where the original hole in the metal you say. there was a captive nut but not for a right hand...and probably the reason why no nut on the original....whew...and that's just for a about meticulous lol
Thanks and lucky for you for the captive you don't see it from below...then again- I don't drive from down below lol

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