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Austin Healey Trunk lid fit

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bluegrass john John Bahe
Louisville, KY, USA   USA
I removed the trunk lid (BOOT) from my 1966 Bj8 to have some paint touch up work done.
While I was installing the trunk lid badges the lid accidentally fell from the table I
was working on. I retrieved the lid and was relieved to see no apparent damage
Several days later when installing the trunk lid I discovered that it would not close or latch
correctly. It seems the lid was slightly "sprung" from the fall on the carpeted floor. I can twist
the lid slightly to fit but I cannot get the lid to lock correctly even after trying many
different adjustments to the latch and striker. Any ideas on how to proceed to try and
get a better fit so the trunk will latch correctly.

Any ideas or thought appreciated,

Bluegrass John

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rusty1c Avatar
rusty1c Peter D
Antioch, CA, USA   USA
1961 Austin-Healey 3000 BT7 "RUBY"
1963 Chevrolet C10 "Rusty"
When it fell off the table what part of the lid hit the floor first? If you haven't already done so let the lid rest in it's closed position. Then you can look at the gaps between the lid and the shroud on all sides and also look to see that it is closing flush with the shroud. If things are still "twisted then this will probable reveal where your problem lies.

petnatcar Avatar
petnatcar Silver Member Peter Carbone
Watertown, NY, USA   USA

I gotta agree with Pete.

- Put the Trunk Lid on the car
- Figure out which corners are high and
- Bend it back into shape (without scratching anything).
Use a thick blanket to protect the paint.

Good luck,

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bluegrass john John Bahe
Louisville, KY, USA   USA
Thanks to both who replied: I followed your instructions and after some gentle bending and twisting
I have gotten the lid to close and latch securely. The gaps are not as good as before but not that bad
I have seen many much worse. I did not realize how flimsey the lid is and working it back into
shape did not take much force. I need to make some small adjustments to the latch to get a perfect
closing trunk lid. Your replies gave me the idea that you can manually work the lid into a position that
works well.

Best Regards,


RAC68 Avatar
RAC68 Raymond Carbone
NJ, Jersey Shore, USA   USA
Hi John,

Did you loosen or remove the hinges from the lid or body when working on the lid? Also, were gaskets placed under the hinges, and if so, were they originals or new.

It is not uncommon when reinstalled, for the hinges and gaskets to find an alternate position. Since the positioning of the hinges makes quite a difference on the alignment of the lid, I would try tweaking the hinges. Also, keep focus on the amount of torque you place on the hinge mounting screws. If excessive, the hinge can easily deform its shroud aluminum seat and change the alignment of the hinge and lid.

Happy Holidays,

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bluegrass john John Bahe
Louisville, KY, USA   USA
Hi Ray,

I did replace the paper type gaskets with the rubber ones; I was just lucky and did loosen the
hinge fasteners to the lid when applying a gentle force to the trunk lid. The fit is much improved
now from the initial fitting after following everyone's advice. I will work with the latch to improve
the locking action. The gaps look good but I will run a hose over the area to make sure I have
a waterproof seal.

Thanks for your helpful response, You guys are "GOOD" !!


Rob Glasgow Avatar
Lompoc, CA, USA   USA
Speaking of stopping leaks in the trunk, make sure you install the 3 little rubber bumpers on the bottom channel of the shroud where the trunk lid is supposed to sit. One of mine fell out and I was surprised to see how much water entered the trunk when I washed the car.

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