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BJ8 Exhaust Hanger

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Karluv Peter Verity
Millarville, AB, Canada   CAN
My car had new floor pans installed by the PO but the holes for the intermediate exhaust hanger have been drilled incorrectly. I have all the hardware but I'd like to see how the various pieces are properly assembled and mounted. Any pics are appreciated.

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Koudekerke, Zeeland, Netherlands   NLD
Sorry i dont have pictures of the installed exhaust, but will these drawings help you to locate the items?

DSC03983.JPG    31.5 KB

DSC03982.JPG    20.7 KB
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RAC68 Avatar
RAC68 Raymond Carbone
NJ, Jersey Shore, USA   USA
Hi Peter,

If you have a 64 BJ8 Phase 1, as mine, I would suggest you tuck your exhaust system as tight against the bottom of the car as reasonably possible and may require slightly modifying your hangers. This is necessary as the exhaust system/hangers are designed for a higher ground-clearance BJ8 Phase 2 and our lack of clearance exposes the exhaust to damage from such things as road debris, holes and pavement issues, as well as train tracks driveway ramps.

Additionally, the front of each muffler is flat and prone to catching on these road issues. I have tacked a 1" skid strap that is tacked to the front center edge of each muffler and extends to the muffler's rear edge. The skid strap extends forward and upward toward, but not tacked to, the flex pipes to allow the mufflers to ride over and not catch on and road issues.

Since the resonator traverses across the rear and significantly limits clearance, it is quite common to crape the resonators on entering driveways and other small risers. You can also tack a number of skid straps across the resonators to help preserve these units as well.

Yes, the Phase 1 is as low as previous big Healey models but previous models had a different muffler setup and no resonators. Having walked back too many times to retrieve my mufflers and hearing the sound of my resonators scraping, the skit straps have allowed me to retain my Ansa muffler system for more then 20 years.

Hope this helps,

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Karluv Peter Verity
Millarville, AB, Canada   CAN
Thanks, Johan. I have that pic but it doesn't quite show how the rubber mounts are positioned on the floor pan. They are not mounted parallel to each other.

Ray, as usual, a very comprehensive response. Many thanks. I have a "64 Phase 2 but the SS exhaust system has clearly suffered from various road scrapes. The car is currently disassembled.

When I got the car home as the new owner in 2014, I drove it off my trailer and into my garage. The garage opening has two laminated 2x4's across the floor. Having driven the car for only 200 ft. I nearly took the exhaust off! (Admittedly, there is a slight incline leading into the garage.) The first item I purchased was a skid plate. One 2x4 has now been removed.


Karluv Peter Verity
Millarville, AB, Canada   CAN
I took another look at Johan's diagram and noticed one of the hangers is mounted towards to centre. I missed that. It now all becomes clear. Problem solved. I now know where the holes need to be re-drilled.
Thanks all.

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