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Multiple oil leaks from my1967. 3000 solutions ?

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7166937491 Avatar
7166937491 Frank Herstek
Buffalo, NY, USA   USA
An6one have new innovative solutions to oil leaks in their 3000 ?

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petnatcar Avatar
petnatcar Silver Member Peter Carbone
Watertown, NY, USA   USA
Depends on how old the gaskets are on your engine and where the leaks are.

New gaskets will solve some of the problems but I don't think you can ever
completely stop these things from leaking so get a big piece of cardboard and
slide it under the car to keep the garage floor clean.

Happy Days Avatar
Happy Days Peter Hunt
Hook Norton, Oxfordshire, UK   GBR
1936 Austin 7 "Flying Teapot"
1936 Riley 9
1965 Austin-Healey 3000 BJ8
1971 Norton Commando    & more
The slow leak from my gearbox over the years has helped to preserve the chassis in the cross frame area which can be a bad point on many cars. I'll be fitting a drip tray under mine which will help to keep the garage floor clean but I accept that it's going to leak a little. (If you want to see oil leaks try owning a 1950s or 60s British motorcycle! The Royal Enfield was nicknamed the Royal Oilfield).

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Drone Dog Avatar
Drone Dog TL Wright
Seaford, DE, USA   USA
well i think you need to break this down in to three sections. the rear, the gearbox, and the engine.

the rear: if you can get under the car the seals are not hard to replace. i have replaced the pinion seal and the driver side seal. both have held fine. of course not many miles yet. but seems like the best bet for stopping any oil leaks.

the gearbox: some suggest there is no way to stop the oil leaks here. from what i have read, proper seal installation and sealing bolts on a rebuild is the best answer. short of that, i have had better luck using the 30wt non-detergent mineral oil. does not leak as bad as it did with multi-weight oil i was using. some use red-line MT-90 for better shifting but that stuff will find a way out. one guy on another forum has added Bars 1420 stop-leak (think that number is right) to his MT90 oil, but i have heard how it is working. i did add the Bars to my TR6 with MT90 and it has helped. but then my TR6 does not have overdrive.

the engine: my biggest issue with engine leaking is at the rear main seal. (drips out bell housing vent hole) i added the rear main seal kit on my rebuild but i still have a leak there. the first thing i did was build a little pan out of the top of a old gas can. i had done this same thing with a MGTD i had. it works to catch the oil. i used the top and flipped it over so that the cap was still on it and pointing down. then every few hundred miles, i lay down beside the car. put a bowl under the cap, and drain the pan. at least it kept the drips off the floor or someones driveway if i stopped to visit.

my engine was just redone so the seals are fresh. but i expect more of them will leak at some point. to that end, i have begun working on adding a PCV valve connected to my intake manifold. the idea being the vacuum pulls air in, along with the oil, at the rear main seal and other seals. with that, i am also adding an oil catch can to keep oil out of my intake. Not a real expensive project. still in the process so can't really tell if it will work. from what i have read, some have success with it while others have not. we shall see. it is winter so a good time to try new things. I think BCS sells a kit, minus the oil catch can.

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