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equiraptor Avatar
equiraptor Monica H
Houston, TX, USA   USA
In reply to # 204896 by hcallaway it fits right in with the rock solid Miata and i cannot tell if the big brother is a 911?

I commented to the guy who delivered the car that the Miata is the spiritual successor. I'm Nugget/David's girlfriend, BTW. The Miata's my daily.

The car up on the lift is a 2007 911 GT3 RS (a 997.1, in Porsche-lingo). It's our track car, and it works hard for its place in the garage.

Pete, thanks for the comments about the rust! I'm used to modern cars and have almost no frame of reference for a car of this age. I've driven someone else's TR7 and someone else's VW Type 3, but haven't really had my hands underneath them. Your comments are very encouraging.

I plan to wash the Sprite tomorrow and if things look ok, polish it, too. I'm used to working with the modern, clear coat paints. I know this won't be clear coat, and have adjusted materials for that, but is there anything else particular to the era or Sprite I need to know?

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PetesPonies Pete Pasqualini
Wallace, SC, USA   USA
Well when you get into it and have some body questions . . just ask.

Pete's Ponies
Mustang RUSToration & Performance

Hemidavey Avatar
Hemidavey Dave Rudziensky
Grosse Isle, MI, USA   USA
Glad to hear the history and your having fun with the family car. Check the area where leaf spring attaches to the floor, common rust area that's critical. The engine upgrade is great, as 948s can be a little slower. If you have to pull the engine out for any reason, trim some weight off the flywheel, it will feel like you added 50 horsepower, lol
Have Fun!!!

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Peterd1954 Peter Durnan
Bacup, UK   GBR
Hi me and my son have just got this 1958 sprite and starting the restoration we are hoping to have it done next summer

7A389147-991C-4662-A719-99ED1855D5E1.jpeg    36 KB

97E751F6-505D-46DE-B891-A2317D04A202.jpeg    43 KB
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9F6E29F5-35E0-472D-B308-0C29088CAF7A.jpeg    36 KB
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Famous Frank Avatar
Famous Frank Silver Member Frank Filicicchia
Marietta, IL, USA   USA
That's going to be one exciting memorial trip! I commend the two of you.

I too just purchased my first Austin Healey Sprite MK II. It's a 62 that runs and drives fine. Also, it's always been a rust free car. Miracles do happen. I don't feel confident with the drum brakes and would like to upgrade to Disc Brakes. I got some used parts to get me going but after reading a bit, I would like to know how to get in touch with Gerard, the gentleman that can re sleeve the master cylinder correctly. Does anyone know how i can contact him? When I go to his website all I get is 404 errors.

Many thanks already,

Sprite rf.jpeg    56 KB
Sprite rf.jpeg

Sprite disc brakes front.jpeg    106 KB
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PetesPonies Pete Pasqualini
Wallace, SC, USA   USA
I have had my Bugeye for a few years now. I haven't done anything with it. We are dealing with a Hurricane now, so I decided to start something on it smiling smiley I pulled the front end off of it. Someone had changed it to a tilting front end. It was really poorly done. Not sure if it can go back or just do a better job of hinging the front. We'll see. However, after removing the front, I do know the front horns on the frame rails are bad. Can the fronts be bought or do I just fab it myself ?

Pete's Ponies
Mustang RUSToration & Performance

hc_1536960168874.jpg    24.9 KB

hc_1536960185103.jpg    34.5 KB
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MikeHawthorne Mike Kingsbury
Ada, MI, USA   USA

My bugeye was a race car for its first 20 years, (that kept it rust free) but the front end was converter just like yours.

All I had to do to switch it back was to install the hinges and clean up the front end where the hinge points had been added.

You may have to scrounge around a bit to find the things that hold it up when it's up.

It looks in the picture like the hinges are already there.


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bifs66 Bernie F
Pasadena, MD, USA   USA

I'm still learning about these cars; but I see that Moss has the "Bugeye" front frame rail sections (about 9" long) listed in their catalog for about $40. I had to buy the whole rail for my Sprite, and will be replacing them in the near future. First comes the rocker surgery.


PetesPonies Pete Pasqualini
Wallace, SC, USA   USA
I'm pretty much ignorant as well. Other than owning a '66 Sprite 30 years ago for a short time and having two Midgets for short times as well . . . . I don't know much about the Bugeyes. I guess I should post a separate thread about this car. I'm not going to use a front bumper, so I guess modifying the front of the rail is no biggie. I need it to be strong enough that I can place the car on a rotisserie.

Pete's Ponies
Mustang RUSToration & Performance

PetesPonies Pete Pasqualini
Wallace, SC, USA   USA
Yes my hood hinges are still there. Not knowing much about these, just don't know what is supposed to be there. Thank you.

Pete's Ponies
Mustang RUSToration & Performance

Gccoppola1 Greg Coppola
Woodlands, TX, USA   USA
New owner of partially restored 1963 Sprite. Engine appears to be from a Midget. Looking to try to fire up this weekend.

20180908_165809.jpg    46.5 KB

20180909_111239.jpg    57.4 KB
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refisk Avatar
refisk Rick Fisk
Frankenmuth, MI, USA   USA
Welcome Greg. Sprites and Midgets have exactly the same engine. The only difference is the name on the rocker cover. For that matter, Sprites and Midgets are the same car with different badges. The Midget was badge engineered from the Sprite. smiling smiley

mill1901 Neil Miller
Thornton, USA   USA

My wife and I recently received a 1969 Sprite as a wedding gift. Going to be my project car, needs a lot of work and I am looking forward to some restoration.


nazartp Pavel Nazartsev
Birdsboro, PA, USA   USA
My son just got himself a 1965 Sprite. Naturally, I cannot sit idle. Decent amount of work to do - some body (replacing, fitting, painting), engine/ignition (rough idle), brakes (couple of hoses to replace, plus, potentially, a leaky front caliper), electrical (just some shoddy workmanship, needs to be brought up to standard). So we will be on this forum a lot... Will keep us busy for a couple of years.

pawied Avatar
pawied Paul Wied
Stockholm, Sweden   SWE
New member to this forum smileys with beer.
My name is Paul.

I bought my 1961 Sprite 2 years ago.
This was my aunt and uncles car (Sue and LeRoy Joppa)

I exported the car to Sweden, as this is where I am currently living.

Mechanically the car is in perfect condition!
1275 engine
Nissan 5 speed transmission
Detroit locker
No sure how many more upgrades I will encounter as I continue working on the car, but looking forward to finding them all!!

Car Mileage reads 75k + miles, but with the new engine and all not sure how many of these miles are on the actual motor.

So far the only work I have completed is I changed the Colorado red to the original Cherry red smiling smiley, and it looks great!

This winters project is replacing the 4.2 rear gearing to a 3.72 gearing...

Nice to cyber meet you all smileys with beer!!


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