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Dismantled Autumn 2017. Status in May 2018. Chassis beadblasted, painted weld through primer, ready for welding ( chassis and inner body panels). British heritage certificate show "matching numbers". Car will be as close to Original possible ,repaint Original black colour trim off white. Strange , the car has Ivory knobs on dashboard; seemed Original; but never seen on any other. Has a cigarette lighter too, ( read it was optional?).Repaired: horns ( dated 12/53) wiper motor( dated 11/53) and dipswitch headlights ( 12/53). I had the right colour for the horns reproduced as they were still ...

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It's been over a year really, it's been a year and four months. Our first year together, and we continue to have great times together. I put my Sprite away for the winter some five months ago now, and have, as I did a year ago, anticipated getting her back out on the road with great hand wrenching. Last weekend was the first time that we had decent enough weather, but the run off from the melting snow has diminished my desire to get her out. There is salt/chemicals on the road still, which is ultra damaging to the steel on a car. Rust is an issue in the mid-west, and it's better to wait u...

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IMG 2788
Front brakes are now done. These are built on Spridget Mania competition billet spindles with Timken roller bearings. EBC pads and dba slotted rotors complete the set up.


IMG 2320
The Dash is now restored. Gauges were rebuilt by Nisonger out of Mamaroneck, NY, including converting the tach to negative ground and converting for use with electronic ignition (Pertronix).


IMG 3511
I received my 5hp/60 gallon compressor the other day and am slowly getting it set up. It is rated at 15.5 cfm at 90 psi and 17 cfm at 40 psi. First thing I did was added an after cooler using a B&M transmission stacked plate cooler with 1/2" NPT fittings. I mounted it on the back of the protection cage in front of the pump pulley so that it pulls air through it. I still need to add a water drain at the bottom of the line where it goes into the tank so that water goes into the trap instead of the tank. I ordered a $49 electronic drain valve off Amazon so that it will drain on a set time in...


IMG 3504
Spent just an hour or two digging through bondo to find gold, I mean steel. That's a 1 inch wood chisel! Surprised me the outside wheel arches are in great shape. Just some lower wing panels to fix the rot at the bottom and some smoothing and the rear wings will be great. The rear end is a bit ugly, nothing deep, just a lot of small stuff. A lot of work. The bonnet has one small bond area that I can tell, we will see. The fiberglass a past owner backed all the rusty areas with is popping right off. I just heat the metal a bit with the torch and then pull at the edge. Comes right...


IMG 2264
Last night we removed the paint off the rear deck. We knew there was going to be bond, didn't realise how much. A lot of metal reshaping will be needed. Thats a something I'm dreading a little bit. To gain access the boot floor needs to come out. Which it most likely needs replaced anyway. I don't think it possible to use a stud gun and pull it all up and hammer down the highs without a dolly underneath. Opinions? The arrows show where damage is. I should have saved all the filler and weighed it!


IMG 3503
So we have the powertrain removed and the car on jack stands in the garage at home. Lots of grime and grease to remove. Short term I have built a 3x8 foot torsion box table to use for my plane of reference. Additionally I should receive my HF engine stands today and will start the construction of the rotisserie. Easter weekend they had a 25% coupon but I was at work so could not use (I work week on week off alternating between a week of days and a week of nights), so I ordered online. $7 to ship two engine stands from California to Texas! Yesterday, I had a 230v/50amp outlet installed so...


1959 Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite Red Dianne Sherri
In 1987, my wife and her dad were driving his '72 MGB GT after church in Cave Springs, Arkansas. They saw her Bugeye in the front yard of an old house and doubled back to get the name off the mailbox. It did not have a for sale sign or anything on it, but thought they'd call them up and see if they would sell it. They looked up their name in the white pages and gave them a call. They ended up paying $800 for it. It had the 1275 in it when she purchased. This was her first car and drove it to school and work. She has had it ever since and cannot wait to see it restored. The picture with...


Dashboard 1
It's been too cold to get much done on the Bugeye lately. However I did manage to remove the dashboard. The more I work on this car the more I appreciate its simplicity. Once removed I peeled off the ugly brown vinyl to reveal a solid metal dash with the facory notes intact on the back. The contact cement residue came off surprisingly easily with the use of some camp fuel to soften it. Most of the notes on the back of the dash are written in yellow, the color of the car, the options and the chassis number. The number "32" is written in blue, does anyone know what this number signifies? ...


Going into the trailer for the ride home
Our last driven in 1980 Austin-Healey 3000 MkIII BJ8 came home fully restored on April 2nd, 2018. Break-in of the rebuilt engine is underway with leisurely country road drives spanning moderate speed ranges and all five gears, none for extended periods. She is noisy and drafty and a little numb around steering wheel center and very warm against your right knee. In other words, just like I remember her and a joy to finally drive again.


My name is Gallagher, have a 1960 great running and looking Bug/Frog Eye. Had Healey's in the 60's then Harley's. Now I'm old and it's back to four wheels. Would like to meet anyone that enjoys the satisfactions and miseries of British engineering. Ellicott City/Columbia/Clarksville/Cookesvillle. Hope I can?


An event for Austin Healey Sprites and MG Midgets at Zandvoort 27-29 July 2018. Best follow the build up to this event @ https://www.facebook.com/groups/spridget.competitions/ Also visit the general race page @ https://www.facebook.com/legendarycircuits/ And visit the webiste @ http://legendary-circuits.eu/ And friend me @ https://www.facebook.com/pieterbakker51 Best regards, and see you in Zandvoort. Pieter BAKKER.


IMG 1388
It's been a long winter with not much going on in the car department. Some warmish weekend weather finally rolled in so I was determined to get something done. Headed out Saturday to the farm to get some parts clean in order to get cracking on the third motion shaft. I managed to have a fairly successful time reassembling the first gear assembly and the 3rd/4th synchronizer with all the little spring loaded bit ready to fly everywhere. The piston ring compressor worked perfectly and I had them both (almost) put together in a matter of minutes (more on the almost later.) Essentially the...

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