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An event for Austin Healey Sprites and MG Midgets at Zandvoort 27-29 July 2018. Best follow the build up to this event @ https://www.facebook.com/groups/spridget.competitions/ Also visit the general race page @ https://www.facebook.com/legendarycircuits/ And visit the webiste @ http://legendary-circuits.eu/ And friend me @ https://www.facebook.com/pieterbakker51 Best regards, and see you in Zandvoort. Pieter BAKKER.

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IMG 1388
It's been a long winter with not much going on in the car department. Some warmish weekend weather finally rolled in so I was determined to get something done. Headed out Saturday to the farm to get some parts clean in order to get cracking on the third motion shaft. I managed to have a fairly successful time reassembling the first gear assembly and the 3rd/4th synchronizer with all the little spring loaded bit ready to fly everywhere. The piston ring compressor worked perfectly and I had them both (almost) put together in a matter of minutes (more on the almost later.) Essentially the...

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Update - Tuesday Feb 27 The web servers was down from 10:00pm to 1:30am for maintenance which took much longer than expected. Normal operation has resumed, sorry for the delay. KNOWN ISSUES The following bugs are being worked on right now, no need to report them again: Delivery to yahoo.com and verizon email addresses is slow - looks ok now member and events map broken fixed attaching images to forum posts error fixed uploading images to registry/profile error fixed Cannot post in the forums fixed Forum smilies not showing[..]...

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Just about an inch shy of being able to use my new
I spent another day cleaning and disassembling yesterday. I got the first motion shaft bearing off quite easily with a drift. The third motion shaft bearing is a different story so I've bought my myself a bearing separator. The problem is now that it isn't quite long enough to reach the end of the shaft. Some coupling nuts to lengthen the bars should do the trick. Cleaning and reassembling the third motion shaft with a new bear and synchro rings is really the only thing holding me back from completely re-assembling (for now.) On another, more irritating note, I found my intake manifold has a ...


Not much left of the front section of the left inn
February 2018- now I have stripped back enough of the car to see where all the rust is and since I have had some success making new pieces where I have cut it out, I have come to a decision. It would be easy to buy new inner wings, and various other panels which need repair but I have decided that I am going to keep as much of the original metal as possible. I'll only cut away corroded metal and will butt weld new pieces and fold and fabricate everything I need including parts of the curved section of the inner rear wings. I already bought floor panels, sills, lower door repair section, bo...


1958 Built 1978 Bought by David Bird 1978 Stored in pole barn 2016 Cleaned of dust and dung 2017 Moved to steelcase building Spark plugs pulled - oil Radiator removed Manually turned crankshaft Nov Charles Anderson MD gave advice Used Steve's battery to turn over Pulled fuel tank and fuel pump 2018 Attempt to make points work or convert to electronic ignition?


20180212 163709 1518459092156
bought a smitty conversion and a 5 speed toyota gearbox and a grp cover


IMG 1415
I have owned my 1965 BJ8 for around 14 years and have used it regularly in dry weather (with the exception of a trip to the LeMans Classic where I would have been better off in a submarine). I knew there was some work coming up as there were signs of the usual bubbling along the lower part of the passenger door and lower wing. I was waiting to retire for this but an advisory after a recent MoT (which it passed) suggested I look at the rear nearside outrigger as it looked like it was a bit 'soft'.After a good poke around I didn't have much of the outrigger left and found, to my slight horro...


AutoZone bearing puller and aluminum plate
29MAY17 This is a quick post, but there are some important points in here for those of us that are learning on our first Sprite re-build. Jax and I went ahead and rebuilt the rear brakes and hubs in one shot. Honestly I'm not sure how important it was to replace our hubs, but given the amount of disassembly necessary, it was smart to do both at the same time. We don't have a machine shop or some of the specific tools required for this sort of job, so we got a little creative at times. Here are the highlights: 1. Removing the hub retaining bolts takes a big socket and a long cheat...


Failed cylinder seal cause a fluid leak
05APR17 Previously we wondered why it takes so much foot pressure to feel like our brakes are working, but now we get it. On top of the fact that our tires are in sad shape and the car is almost 50 years old, the rear brakes were in really bad shape. This project is the first in a series that we prepared for in order to align a few for a single period of downtime for Tracy. This went along with our philosophy of no making Tracy un-drivable for more than a couple months at a time. The series of projects we aligned were: 1. Rear brakes 2. Rear hubs (bearings, gaskets, etc) 3. Drive s...


Ready for the new top
Getting perilously close to the shakedown test drive. The interior is complete except for a few pieces that need to be moved or trimmed when the soft top is installed. The engine is running after 38 years, but the bonnet is not on yet to facilitate carb and engine adjustments after testing on the road. All electrical, hydraulic, and other subsystems are checked out and working. The grill surround is due back from replating any time now. It's been snowing a lot lately around here and it will be extremely frustrating if we have to wait for brine-free conditions to get her out on the road.


IMG 6051
05APR17 This is a quick post about the issues with our heater box valve. I'm sure a lot of the Sprites out there have leaky or broken heater valves given the environment that they reside in and their fair at best construction. The below is a description of our replacement efforts. To being with, what drove us to replace the valve was that it leaked out the top when open and the handle broke off. So, for it to be operational we had to replace it. We purchased the replacement valve from Moss and the first thing we noticed was that the valve does not come with the brass base. This is...


IMG 5998
02MAY17 Who in the world sells a car that has 4 keys, 1 for the ignition, 1 for each door and then 1 for the trunk? And then, who loses them all and sells a car with a key in the ignition that might as well be a flat head screwdriver? Answers: Austin Healey, the guy that sold me Tracy Now we are under no impression that locking Tracy makes her any less likely to be stolen, her size and shift lever pretty much prevents most would be thieves from considering stealing her. There is, however, some feeling among those in my house that you do need to be able to lock your car. So we bough...


Whoa Rust under weather stripping
17MAR17 Since the weather is still a little chilly, we decided that getting the top in order was a good idea. We've had it on and off Tracy a few times, but the snaps, weather stripping and a few of the TENAX fasteners needed some work. To get things rolling we first figured out our parts list: 1. Snaps 2. Snap installation tool 3. TENAX fasteners 4. Retaining strip (2 part, inside and outside) 5. Black spray paint (actually an after thought). The only parts we had a little trouble sourcing were the TENAX fastener studs that go right behind the driver and passenger and the retai...


Healey cossie
Hi ALL, I am trying to track down my old car which I regretfully had to sell back in 2002. PRE141B, then NG-11-TX and later BOC266B was my 1964 BJ8, which was an odd changeover model with the twin front lower lamps and the single rear lamp style of the earlier models at the rear, In Dark British Racing Green after restoration in 1985 when I took ownership of it from De Jongs in Kaatsheuvel in NL, the engine was rebuilt by Mark Smitt, the Dutch Healey racer from Geldrop, with parts supplied from Denis Welch. I even used it as my daily transport for a couple of years around 1987, then it be...

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