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unwanted rodents in the healey during winter storage

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101lbcobia Peter Vanhorn
Fishers, IN, USA   USA
What repellants are effective to repell rodents in an auto during winter storage......dryer sheets? peppermint oil? moth balls? what works on the buggers?

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mk31755 Avatar
mk31755 Gold Member mark kriwinsky
cleveland, OH, USA   USA
It only takes one time for mice to bed in your trunk or under your hood . They will gnaw at your wiring, piss and poop all over the internal compartments, and leave a stench that may never go away. I learned that lesson the hard way. It cost me many green backs to get the car repaired. All my cars are now stored in Car Capsules. They are a heavy clear plastic zipper bag that is inflated with a little electrical fan. The black plastic bottom also serves to spare my garage floors from radiator fluid overflow, gas, oil and other spills. It cleans up very easily. They cost round about $400. I have had mine for over ten years, The electric fans are inexpensive and every eight to ten years will need to be replace. The fans are readily available. The best part is I never have had a mouse problem again. My cars stay dust free, mouse free and I can walk in my garage in the winter time and look at my cars,

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HealeyRick Avatar
HealeyRick Rick N
MA, Northshore, USA   USA
The Austin-Healey Club of New England has a monthly tech conference call and last night one of the subjects was car storage over the winter. Several of us (including me) use mothballs and one uses dryer sheets. I tried those electronic repellents you get for around $10 and I swear they were mouse magnets. D-con is a great mouse killer, but I've heard stories the mice sometimes crawl up into a small space in the car to die, creating its own problems. One member was very pleased with the Car Bag: https://www.carbag.com/carjacket/. I use the mothballs along with old-fashioned wooden spring-style mouse traps baited with peanut butter spread around the corners of the garage. Got 20 of them last year.


"Madman in a death machine"
Austin-Healey 3000 w/5.0L and T5Z: http://forum.britishv8.org/read.php?13,8264

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