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jaredhoke Avatar
jaredhoke Jared Hoke
Marine on St Croix, MN, USA   USA
1967 Austin-Healey 3000 BJ8
1999 BMW 328i Sedan "Beemer"
2003 Jaguar X-Type "Pretty Kitty"
My recently totally-restored BJ8 has a bad habit that I need to have cured. The car gives a nicely smooth ride EXCEPT at/near 55MPH, when a nasty and quite noticeable "juddering" appears; the steering wheel gets a slight shake, the hood rattles noisily, and the "sweetness" is spolled ... until speed climbs to around 58-60 when it smooths back out. Rotating the tires does not alter this at all; the effect seems the same.

Where should my local (and highly competent) mechanic start looking to solve this problem?

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HealeyRick Avatar
HealeyRick Rick N
MA, Northshore, USA   USA
It's known as the dreaded "scuttle shake" and is a common problem that may have several causes. Many times it's out of balance tires and wheels or loose suspension in the front end. If I was trying to chase the problem, I'd have my rear brake drums balanced: http://www.hendrixwirewheel.com/drums.html


"Madman in a death machine"
Austin-Healey 3000 w/5.0L and T5Z: http://forum.britishv8.org/read.php?13,8264

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