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Turn signal won't return.

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Fautz Avatar
Fautz Silver Member John Fautz
Grass Valley, CA, USA   USA
My turn signal lever has stoped returning to neutral. Left hand turns mostly. Can that be adjusted to work by just removing the steering wheel and horn mechanism or will this involve replacing the whole unit?


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bluecatmodels Avatar
bluecatmodels Silver Member Dave W
Three Rivers, CA, USA   USA
Inside the trafficator is a mess of small springs and parts. I rebuilt mine but it was a real pain. Before you take it out squirt some dry graphite or a little silicone spay into the gap where the lever comes out and see if that helps.

Traficator & Horn Parts.jpg    51.9 KB
Traficator & Horn Parts.jpg

San Jose, CA, USA   USA
In my experience--I've been into a couple of these, BJ8 and BN2--the main centerpiece--#17 in the helpful photo--is damaged. The cancelling ring (#18) pushes the one-way flexible--think of a knee--tangs (#14) into an over center cam (#2/#5) to return the lever (#3/#4). What happens is the triangular piece at the top of #17 gets damaged; i.e. a corner gets broken off. While lubrication may help prevent this before the damage is done, it probably won't help afterwards, because if anything got stuck something probably got broken (the tangs fold to allow the wheel to turn one way, but stiffen up on the return).

This is one of my least favorite jobs, mostly because getting the trafficator out requires draining the steering box--intentionally or otherwise--and pulling the harness through the stator tube. I usually wrap some wire around the leads at the end--they are staggered in length so they can (barely) go through the tube--or you can pull it out and feed it back in after wrapping the wire. Like Dave mentioned, there are a lot of fiddly bits inside, and some of them are spring-loaded and will happily launch themselves into another dimension if you're not careful (note the spring on #8). If you opt to perform surgery, take lots of photos going in, esp of the wiring--reassembly is roughly as complicated as solving a Rubik's Cube, and requires much more manual dexterity.

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Koudekerke, Zeeland, Netherlands   NLD
Before you start with disassembling also read the information on:

http://www.healey6.com/technical.htm this have a specia chapter for the trafficator.

MartyK Martin Kamin
Coral springs, FL, USA   USA
John, I have the same problem with my BJ8. I want to caution you about the metal prongs that hold the assembly together. They do not hold up well to the bending required to dismantle and reassemble. Mine broke and luckily my father, an instrument tool maker, re- designed the system with little screws instead of prongs. If you attempt to fix the turn signal be prepared for a more involved repair. You may want to do what I do and just return the lever manually when necessary
Marty K.

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layaj2 Andy Lay
Bisley, Surrey, UK   GBR
If you search the archives you'll see that this comes up all the time. Like Martin I try and remember to return the indicator manually but yesterday I left it on for miles...

Some people opt for an audible device such as a buzzer too, as you can't see the dashboard indictors when it's sunny and you certainly can't hear them. Here's another article on that from Healey 6 - a low cost solution



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