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How to make and AH Performance Parts Intake fit

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highoctanesj Avatar
highoctanesj Chris Scafario
Moorestown, NJ, USA   USA
Healey Performance Guys, I could use some help. Please!

I am doing a restoration on my 1963 AH 3000 BJ7 MKII. As part of the comprehensive engine rebuild, I have tried to include some performance items like having my cam ground to a fast road spec, having the motor balanced and blueprinted, custom ceramic coated headers, HD 8 Carbs and this manifold :


My problem is the overall fit of the AH Performance Parts intake. It looks like a small notch will need to be made in a section of the frame and new air filters will need to be sourced.
Has anyone gone this route? I could really use your insights as to what I need to do to make everything come together.
My only other options appear to be fitting the 6s back on the new intake or trying to source a BJ8 intake manifold.


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63mechanic Avatar
63mechanic Ted S
Langley, BC, Canada   CAN
Hey Chris,
I also use AH Spares for my parts and actually you and I have the same car, mine is also a 63 BJ7.. Looks like were two of the 6113 owner of the BJ7...
I find with alot of there spare parts they all need alittle tweeking here or there as for your dilemma...
Sorry I went this route....

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brims49 Avatar
brims49 Andrew Brims
Peachland, BC, Canada   CAN
Chris, there was a " new to me BJ8 " posting from HarryA on this subject. Not too long ago, because I had asked how he fitted air filters to this arrangement. He is using foam until he can upgrade.
The intake manifold he used was from a manufacturer in Melbourne, Australia. But it appears to be very similar to the A H Spares one, relatively flat and needs the float bows changed on the carbs.
Will see if I can find a link. Andrew

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brims49 Avatar
brims49 Andrew Brims
Peachland, BC, Canada   CAN
HarryA posting was on 2017-11-28 under title ' new to me BJ8 '

Hmanifold Harold M
Burnaby, BC, Canada   CAN

If the problem is the air cleaners interfere with the body structure one possible solution is to use K&N 56-9247 air filters. The back plate is solid and the air cleaners can be positioned off centre to clear any obstructions and then the holes punched. The intake hole can be sized to the HD8 carbs a well. If you are increasing the performance of the engine these air cleaners will be better that stock and should a a few horses.

I hope this helps.... Harold

K&N Air Filter 56-9247.pdf    199.1 KB

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