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Qldelsie Silver Member Giles Cooper
Benowa, Queensland, Australia   AUS
Thanks for the input. When we put the car together, we set it up the best we could - Ie we guessed !! Carefully, but it was still an educated guess.
So when they put the car on the gauges, we started with 19.9 mm total of toe in - 14.1 mm on LH side and 5.8 mm on the RH side !!! eye rolling smiley Mind you we had only eyeballed that. The camber we had obviously been very careful to try and get right when we welded in the new damper mount boxes with their adjustable internal plates.
Camber was .21 deg left and 0.68 deg rt, caster was 2.42 deg L and 1.26 deg R.

Obviously we first adjusted the toe as that was the easiest to reach, and ended up with +0.1 mm L and +0.0 on the R. In other words pretty well straight ahead. Once this was set, the camber came out at +0.4 deg L and +0.6 deg R, and the caster naturally stayed pretty much the same at +2.34 deg L and +1.33 deg R.

So for the moment we are going to run it at that, and it will be easy to give us just a tad more toe in if we want, like you suggest Michael. Adjusting the camber would not be so straightforward now our ducting and everything is in there - Some of those bolts are hard to reach !!!

What was even more interesting, given the amount of damage this car had sustained in its previous life, and the degree of repairs and changes to the chassis and rear suspension that have been made (Lot of chassis repairs, 5 stud axle (and getting that to fit), uprated springs, plus reinforcing spring pick up points), is that the rear axle was almost spot on with -.4 mm of total toe, and camber of 0.07 deg L and 0.06 deg R. To me, for it to be that close is quite a credit to the people who did the work on our car.

Driving the car is a hoot - It goes really well, handles well, and is just a great grin inducing experience - Except for one thing - The gearbox, which is a Celica 5 speed, is jumping out of 5th angry smiley Now this might be OK, or at least acceptable, except that 6 months ago we had the gearbox rebuilt well in advance, BECAUSE IT WAS JUMPING OUT OF 5TH !!! So all our advance planning is out of the window because the ****** gearbox shop did a crap job and didn't fix the issue, and now we have to remove half the interior and all our new switch gear etc in order to drop the gearbox out. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr One thing I have learned on this rebuild is how many so called "specialists" are in fact not so "special" after all !!! Take care when selecting repair shops !!

More later - Thanks for all your input. All VERY welcome and much appreciated.



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