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sprite not starting

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africa Rod Milne
Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa   ZAF
some time ago i posted a note about my sprite not starting... and thanks for the response; i thought id update you on the current status.

i followed your advice and really got nowhere , It still misfired and wouldn't run. Project was put on hold until recently when i went underneath to check the earth wire , poorly connected and i guess with insufficient electrical connectivity . Unfortunately also noted severe rust on the main.chassis members in the engine area. Decided beyond my scope so had the car towed to a local classic garage with the brief to weld appropriately and get the car going. Running when i got it back but poor power and the odd misfire... Decided to start from scratch. Removed and flushed the tank, replaced the old fuel line (very dented ), checked the pump , removed and cleaned the filter ; noticed that the fuel line was putting pressure on one of the carbs such that it was at about 70..80 degrees, not vertical, fixed that .Checked firing sequence. , was ok. Removed the valve cover and discovered that the settings were all over the place , sub 10, reset them all as per manual ; and finally noticed that the distributor bottom clamp was not seating properly such that there was a minor tremble in the distributor cap , fixed that.

Turned the key and success.... runs smoothly just with a slight fast idle which ill fix tomorrow.

My conclusion... prime cause was fuel starvation ( always had fuel at carbs, but with an original tank and car infrequently used random rust flakes combined with the dented fuel line caused inconsistent flow ) , followed by the valve settings and distributor tremble

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rhodyspit75 Avatar
rhodyspit75 Ernie Connor
Cumberland, RI, USA   USA
Glad to hear things are working out. It's always nice to find out how things turn out.

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