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Shipping large parts from UK to USA

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JMTrice Joel Trice
Prunedale, CA, USA   USA
Hi All,
I am wondering if anyone has suggestions on shipping larger parts from England to the U.S. Frogeye Spares sells a front frame rail with shock and suspension mounts that is bulky, but not too heavy. They got quotes for shipping from $500 and up, which is as much as the part! I can't seem to figure out how to ship a crate or box other than a full shipping container. I am not in a hurry, so by sea is fine, but I can't find any options. I have attached a picture of the part. They will package it in a box with the two other items I want. Total weight is 36kg, 140cm x 100cm x 40cm is the size. Thanks for the help!

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Frame.jpg    26.9 KB

blusebring59 Neil Anderson
Malta, IL, USA   USA
That doesn't seem to be an unreasonable shipping quote. I have had two large crates shipped from the UK and shipping was about $1000 or more each time. The first shipment in 2006 was two fiberglass roofs, a pair of seats and some assorted small bits. I know the wooden crate weighed more than the parts. About five years ago I had a fiberglass bonnet shipped, and again the crate weighed more than the part. You can try to find a shipper from your end, but I doubt the price will be too much cheaper.

Another option is to try to find a good front chassis frame clip from a donor car here. You could contact the bugeyeguy.com to see if he can help. He may have a car damaged in the rear that has a good front end.

One more option is to get someone else to order some parts from Frogeye Spares and share the shipping cost.

Neil Anderson

JMTrice Joel Trice
Prunedale, CA, USA   USA
Thanks for the feedback Neil. I knew someone had to have some experience with this. I did try to get several quotes. Either you have to request a quote online, and then you never hear back from them, or you hear back with "we don't ship car parts". I tried to ask what difference does it make what is in the box, it is just steel, but they said "we only ship household goods". I will keep trying.

I also have a rusty body that could be a donor, but I don't know if I can cut it up just yet...
Thanks again,

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BMac Avatar
BMac Brendan MacRae
Grass Valley, CA, USA   USA

Send me a private message. I may be able to help.


lewmac Avatar
lewmac Silver Member Lew McAllan
Hawthorn Woods, Chicago, IL, USA   USA
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I have used A1 pallets in Sheffield to ship a Bugeye Ashley hardtop and a Sebring front in 2014 and it was approx GBP1,000 but that was a large reusable wooden crate. The owner George Lymer is an MGB enthusiast and took great care of the roof and front, picked it up in Sheffield and build the crate to suit.

They also will go to Frogeye Spares in Manchester (just across the Pennines) and crate or palletize if that is all you need - on site. They arranged the entire shipment, delivered to my front door in Chicago.

See http://www.a1pallets.net/

or email George at

A1 Pallets & Timber Products Ltd <info@a1pallets.net> for a quote.


Stole10 Stole Langdon
You must take help of Delivery services Dallas. I have been sending and receiving big parcels to my relatives and colleagues. They have never failed to impress me with the speed and authenticity. My packages get deliver on time and also unbroken.

westburn70 Eric Flack
Glasgow, Lanarkshire, UK   GBR
A mate bought that part from Ashley Hinton.

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trevorwj Avatar
trevorwj Trevor Jessie
Louisville, KY, USA   USA
Maybe contact Moss and see if they will include it with their next shipment if you pay for it in advance.

westburn70 Eric Flack
Glasgow, Lanarkshire, UK   GBR
British Motor Heritage (BMH) have that part 28G118 listed for £573 UK Pounds.
That's for Mk2 Sprites etc. But not the 1500cc Triumph engine cars. It can fit the BE
with a bit of welding and fabrication at the front "legs". They do sit at an "upward"
angle! Do any US parts suppliers sell BMH panels? So you get orginal part made
on orginal tooling. Ashley Hinton sold my mate a very nicely made one.

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JMTrice Joel Trice
Prunedale, CA, USA   USA
Thanks for the ideas. I actually was able to find a way to ship it here at a reasonable rate, but I have had little success getting replies from some of the places that say they have them. I have not hounded them daily or anything, but I reply to a message and then don't hear back. I have called a few times, spoke to one place, they were going to check stock, and then I don't hear back and can't get through again. Makes me leary of paying upfront and not getting anything to ship back.

pinkyponk Avatar
pinkyponk Gold Member Adrian Page
Berwick, NS, Canada   CAN
Could you order the cross member and frame rails separately? It would make the parcel much smaller.


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