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I give up. New generator failed.

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Desert Rat Avatar
Desert Rat Chris S.
Las Vegas, NV, USA   USA
Fuel gauge and sending unit aren’t affected by switching to negative earth and an alternator. So nothing to do.
If you’re running an electric fuel pump like a faucet you’ll have to switch the wires. For positive ground the red wire is ground and black is power. Negative ground conversion the black wire is now ground and red is now power.

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jimandcassdavis Jim Davis
Swanton, OH, USA   USA
Yes, I think so. I believe that the gauge measures current to ground and is polarity sensitive. When you reverse polarity to negative ground the current flows the wrong way through the gauge. So, switching the terminals on the back should fix the problem.
I may be wrong, so check to see if it's working before you crawl up under the dash.

Just remember, many times the problem with the tank sender is a bad ground, not a problem with the gauge.

I re-polarized the generator in my Midget to allow the use of negative ground accessories, like a modern radio and led instrument lights. (By the way, LED's dramatically improve the visibility of the gauges. You can find them with "screw in" bases on the Internet that will fit in the existing bulb holders.)

When I did it, my fuel pump didn't work. I figured I would need a new pump, but all it took was reversing the wires. Found out later this works only with "points" type pumps. It won't work with electronic pumps.

Another tip if you have a roll bar. A high mount LED brake light mounted on the bar will dramatically improve visibility of your brake lights to other cars. Bugeyes have very small hard to see tail lights.

Jim Davis

westburn70 Eric Flack
Glasgow, Lanarkshire, UK   GBR
In the UK RB106 voltage regulators converted to electronic dynamo
regulators are available at around £160 GB £s. No idea if these
are worth it. Anyone tried one? They have screw terminals.
Yes bad earths on the fuel tank sender unit can be a problem.

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Debs60BugEye Avatar
Debs60BugEye Keith Smith
Salina, KS, USA   USA
Thanks for the info on the switch.

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