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Brendan MacRae USA

Author: Brendan MacRae USA
Total 11 posts - Started on 2014-04-27

IMG 2788
Front brakes are now done. These are built on Spridget Mania competition billet spindles with Timken roller bearings. EBC pads and dba slotted rotors complete the set up.

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Jerry S Gold Member USA

Author: Jerry S Gold Member USA
Total 5 posts - Started on 2018-04-07

IMG 3511
I received my 5hp/60 gallon compressor the other day and am slowly getting it set up. It is rated at 15.5 cfm at 90 psi and 17 cfm at 40 psi. First thing I did was added an after cooler using a B&M transmission stacked plate cooler with 1/2" NPT fittings. I mounted it on the back of the protection cage in front of the pump pulley so that it pulls air through it. I still need to add a water drain at the bottom of the line where it goes into the tank so that water goes into the trap instead of the tank. I ordered a $49 electronic drain valve off Amazon so that it will drain on a set time in...

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Ken Bonnema Silver Member USA

Author: Ken Bonnema Silver Member USA
Total 10 posts - Started on 2016-09-15

Going into the trailer for the ride home
Our last driven in 1980 Austin-Healey 3000 MkIII BJ8 came home fully restored on April 2nd, 2018. Break-in of the rebuilt engine is underway with leisurely country road drives spanning moderate speed ranges and all five gears, none for extended periods. She is noisy and drafty and a little numb around steering wheel center and very warm against your right knee. In other words, just like I remember her and a joy to finally drive again.

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Erik Hall USA

Author: Erik Hall USA
Total 37 posts - Started on 2016-11-04

AutoZone bearing puller and aluminum plate
29MAY17 This is a quick post, but there are some important points in here for those of us that are learning on our first Sprite re-build. Jax and I went ahead and rebuilt the rear brakes and hubs in one shot. Honestly I'm not sure how important it was to replace our hubs, but given the amount of disassembly necessary, it was smart to do both at the same time. We don't have a machine shop or some of the specific tools required for this sort of job, so we got a little creative at times. Here are the highlights: 1. Removing the hub retaining bolts takes a big socket and a long cheat...

Keith Smith USA

Author: Keith Smith USA
Total 47 posts - Started on 2014-10-12

We live in the country so it gets dirty before we
The mechanical issues seem to be up and running. We have made three short drives now, working out the bugs after each drive. Ultimately I will tackle the body issues. The car was made the year my wife was born, thus, the user name.

Chow Kok Leong MYS

Author: Chow Kok Leong MYS
Total 4 posts - Started on 2015-12-04

IMG 8153
more photos

Jarrod Browne CAN

Author: Jarrod Browne CAN
Total 4 posts - Started on 2017-02-13

bad engine out
Swap out the knocking 1098 for a better one. Switched to electroninc ignition

David Blair CAN

Author: David Blair CAN
Total 4 posts - Started on 2016-06-13

IMG 0269
Got all the patches made for the sill repair. Some of the preliminary fitting and welding done. Concerned about structural integrity. Will probably over build.

andy foley USA

Author: andy foley USA
Total 6 posts - Started on 2011-11-23

Well I'm at it again. total teardown and repaint. Made the mistake of using the duplicolor ready to spray paint. Total junk. I decided to do some other mods as well. changed up the rear valance. fixing all the body work that I did quickly last time. Don't see this being finished anytime soon.

Chris U GBR

Author: Chris U GBR
Total 16 posts - Started on 2015-04-26

SAM 1557
I would like to start this post by saying a big thank you to Pete Ploof. Thanks for not telling me what an absolute pain in the a**e this job is! If I had known, I probably never would have started it! :-) However, having removed most of the spot welds, I had no choice but to carry on and get the thing out. In the first photo, the line of spot welds you can see on the top of the forward bulkhead proved to be quite problematic. At birth, the spot welder must have had a fit or something and the spot welds were just about everywhere on the top of the bulkhead. On the left hand side of th...

Ray Peebles USA

Author: Ray Peebles USA
Total 7 posts - Started on 2014-03-01

Healey 010616 3
The 100-6 BN4 was painted over the fall. Thought I would paint it myself but since I have not painted a full car in about 30 years I decided a professional would be a better choice. Found a local body shop needing the work a gave me a very reasonable rate to do the final sanding and filling plus paint. I wanted enamel which is very uncommon to body shops these days. Most shops do the base coat clear coat routine and I will admit the paint looks good but not a type of paint that would have been on a Healey even back in the 70's. So .... I got enamel... maybe I should have gone for the base...

Cameron Chapman AUS

Author: Cameron Chapman AUS
Total 10 posts - Started on 2015-09-15

Bugeye photoshop
Just to confirm that i'm going to like my new front end, here is a photoshopped image of where I'm headed with it. Original flavour....with a nice twist until I can afford/locate a nice original steel bonnet for sale

David Cutler USA

Author: David Cutler USA
Total 5 posts - Started on 2013-09-23

Small coolant leak. Looks like it is the heater core which I just bypassed, Tiem to get it running better. It is variously running rich and lean. Found a leak at the intake gasket for the 40 DCOE. Replaced gasket and the lousy cannon intake manifold for a straight shot. Took a look at the weber. PO had 2 inch runners on it which nearly touched the end plate of the iar cleaner, effectively blocking air flow. Went in and totally rebuilt the carb, re-jetted it, and after some further adjustment of the idle jet, have it running very nicely. I have a 23D distributor (non vacuum) and spen...

Thomas Barry USA

Author: Thomas Barry USA
Total 9 posts - Started on 2014-11-05

Generator and Old Mounting Plate Removed
The past weekend I finally installed all the pieces on my car. Removing the generator and existing mounting plate was pretty straightforward. The old gasket pretty much disintegrated when the old plate came off. I also had to buy new bolts to mount the new plate. The old bolts just weren't long enough once they went through a washer, the new plate and the new gasket. Picture one shows the generator and plate removed. The next picture shows the new plate installed and the coil bolted into it's new position. I wasn't sure where I was going to put the coil until I saw a picture of anothe...

Steve B USA

Author: Steve B USA
Total 6 posts - Started on 2015-06-09

It Had To Happen I never believed I would see it happen in my lifetime, but recent sales records have shown that it has! If you had told me, even a year ago, that AN6, AN7, AN8 and AN9 Sprites would start selling into the HIGH four figure market, I just would not have believed it. Nonetheless it is true. I have been following the Austin Healey sales market, and in recent years, I am in total disbelief as to the fact that Bugeye Sprites, AN5's, are now selling for well over 10K and some recent restorations as high as 20K. Now I do want to caution the reader that you do have to know ...

sandy smith USA

Author: sandy smith USA
Total 4 posts - Started on 2014-07-01

just finished spin on filter adaptor replacement, best 100 bucks I ever spent!!! easy install took about 15 min.

Terry Lopez USA

Author: Terry Lopez USA
Total 5 posts - Started on 2012-04-23

To date the car has been entered in 2 British car shows and has won best in class both times. Also entered it in a local hot rod show, it was all American iron (hot rods, muscle cars and motorcycles), and was the only British car entered. Won an award for favorite car by the location that sponsored the show. It's showing well. Will be taking it to Hot Springs, Arkansas the last weekend of May for a large British car show.

Benjamin C USA

Author: Benjamin C USA
Total 5 posts - Started on 2013-10-15

2x2 steel welded to crossmember
Here are some of the random repairs I've had to do, mostly using material I had lying around or from my local hardware store.

Tim Hendy CAN

Author: Tim Hendy CAN
Total 6 posts - Started on 2013-07-17

I am slowly collecting bits and pieces I need for the build, I found a nice Howley manifold from a Mini that should fit, and both HS4 and HIF6 carbs have come my way. I plan to fit a single SU for simplicity, at least at the start. I now have a 998cc motor from a Mini with a rebuilt stock head, so that will be converted to RWD using the 1098 Midget motor that came (in pieces) with the Sprite. the 1100 probably has less than 10k on it, but it was taken apart decades ago and everything has a coating of rust making the Mini a more feasible unit to resurrect. The 12g295 Head with need some r...

Roger Butt GBR

Author: Roger Butt GBR
Total 14 posts - Started on 2013-06-14

BDRA Easter Meeting 11 04 1966 J A Pearce entries
The British Drag Racing Association meeting at Santa Pod on 11th April 1966 included three cars entered by John Pearce: In the Production Saloon Cars (2,001 – 5,000cc) category, there was his Ferrari 250GTE which Pearce drove to win the class. In the Sports & GT Cars (2,001 – 3,500cc) category, there was his Ferrari GTO in which he was runner-up to his own Austin-Healey which David Bueb (son of Ivor) drove to win the class. To read more, use this link to our website blog: http://japearceengineering.com/general/john-pearce-at-santa-pod-11th-april-1966/

Tim Summers USA

Author: Tim Summers USA
Total 4 posts - Started on 2012-08-05

Blue Hawaii 1961 with Joan Blackman.

Bill L USA

Author: Bill L USA
Total 4 posts - Started on 2012-12-28

2013 01 19 19 15 51 984
Ive had a couple inquiries regarding my rotisserie. This is how I did it. There were no plans,just fabricated as I went along. I took two of Harbor Freight's cheapest engine stands, replaced the cross member with a longer section of the same size square tubing. I then attached swiveling casters on the ends. I cut the upright of both stands in two and bolted in a 14" section of box tubing that I had in the scrap pile. Initially I was going to use angle iron, but the rectangular tubing allowed me to easily change the angle of the top so it was parallel to the ground. This allows the car to tu...

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